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CV verification from an expert agency.

You get additional information to take your decision.

A recruitment error is very expensive.
Avoid this risk

Verification of professional experiences


Position Title
Tasks and responsibilities
Duration and start/end dates
Salary estimation
Team size
Contact type
Reason for leaving
Professional skills
Diploma control


Contact the institutions
Exact diploma's title
Dates of attendance
Year of graduation
Validity period
check the language level


Contact by an expert (15mn)
Level analysis (A1 à C2)
Technical Vocabulary
Detailed report
personality test


Profile tests
Psychological analysis
Detailed Report
cv screening

Civil Profile

Identity / Passport
Working permit
Police record
Proof of address
Study the ereputation of the profile


Professional Network
Consistency of Online Resume
Connections Study
Recommandations analysis
Identify the online articles
Simple Quick Ethics research into several countries and languages Global expertise
We detect modified CVs
  • Exaggerated experiences
  • Increased responsibilities
  • Prolonged periods
  • Arranged diplomas
  • Foreign languages overestimated
  • Periods of inactivity hidden
  • Leaving reasons romanticized
  • Other common cheating
  • verif de cv
    " Verif-CV provides us an indispensable aid for quality and safe recruitment "
    Gautier Hartmann

    HR Director
    " We are very satisfied with their efficiency and professionalism. "
    Andrew Hillburn

    Human Resources
    " When I get a project I need reliable profiles, and I am believe in Verif-CV. "
    Antoine Echly

    Head of Marketing


    Our controls are comprehensive and rigorous, and we check all the items listed here in order to have a reliable view of the quality of CV.

    Verification of the professional experiences EXPERIENCES

    For a complete audit experience, we contact previous employers . We contact referral persons mentioned by the candidate, but also to Other colleagues . We may contact Human Resources, department heads, immediate colleagues or suppliers. Our research is factual and unobtrusive.

    We check the following points:

    Before any research, we ask the consent of the holder of the profile. When the person is still employed in a company, our ethics requires us to confirm with him / her to contact the company concerned.

    For each search, we act according to the legal framework and a professional ethics in order not to damage the reputation of the candidate.

    Diplomas check DIPLOMAS

    We ask the candidate a copy of his degree, then we contact the concerned institutions (schools, universities etc.) to check in detail the information specified by the applicant. We check the following points:

    Some universities or schools do not disclose the list of graduates, in this case it is necessary to check the original diploma.

    Personnalit tests ASSESSMENTS

    We examine the psychological profile of the candidate to ensure its compatibility with the required position. We analyze the candidate on several areas, such as extrovert / introvert, creative / rigorous, emotional, reliability etc.

    We assess the language level of the candidate FOREIGN LANGUAGES

    We contact the candidate to assess its level of language. Our employees perfectly master the languages offered.

    Depending on the level stated on the resume, the exchange may include technical vocabulary and pushed. The interview takes about 15 minutes to fully assess the level of the candidate.

    The estimate is then classified according to the EU level (A1-A2-B1-B2-C1-C2). We also provide a report to assess in detail the level of language.

    Study of ereputation Profile E-REPUTATION

    We do research on the major media, such as professional social networks: Linkedin, Viadeo, Xing, Sunzu, job GO, copains d'avant, PeopleInFinance, Twitter etc.

    Our approach is strictly professional, we collect and under no circumstances personal information. The aim is to verify the professional environment of the concerned profile.

    We check the following:

    Criminal record check and licenses CIVIL PROFILE

    We verify that the candidate is in good standing of the legal and administrative perspective. Our checkpoints are:

    We ensure that the candidate is in good standing with respect to its obligations.

    While verifying the work certificate, we analyse the given keywords, in order to get an easy reading of the candidates' skills.

    Vehicle permit control is optional, at the request of the employer. Some of our clients require either permits special vehicles: public transport, heavy weight, super-heavy etc.

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